UCPF Retirement Benefits

New exciting and challenging experiences.

Retirement brings with its new experiences that can be both exciting and challenging. Through good planning, make your retirement the best time of your life.

UCPF Resignation benefits

Enjoy a portion of your pension benefit.

Think and plan ahead with us, enjoy a portion of your pension benefit upon resignation. We invest the remaining employer portion for you and remember to claim the employer portion when you reach the age of 55.

UCPF Funeral Benefits

Guaranteed financial peace of mind.

Guarantee financial peace of mind for you loved ones. Have a dignified send off.

UCPF Unclaimed Benefits

Don’t miss out on your retirement benefits.

Don’t miss out on your retirement benefits, kindly check your name on the list attached. Contact us today so that we assist you with the claim processing.

About UCPF

Unified Councils Pension Fund is a member-owned Fund established in 1975 due to the Government’s initiative to cater to employees in the quasi-government sector, thus former Provincial Authorities, Central Rates Fund, African Councils, and Townships. The Association of Rural District Councils (ARDCZ) 1982 replaced the African Councils and became the mother body running the affairs of the Fund whilst Old Mutual was still the Administrator (It was then the Agent Administered Pension Fund)

In 1998, The Board of Trustees (BOT) was set up and it envisaged for the Fund to be self-administered by the 1st of January 2004. The primary objective of the fund is the provision of a pension that maintains or results in the betterment of the former employee’s life, provides hope and livelihood for the widows and dependents as well an income for old age. The Fund’s clientele coverage lies in the Rural District Councils (RDCs), Hospitals, Schools, and Urban Councils.

Our Benefits

We pride ourselves in the provision of innovative and sustainable employee benefits.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Members may opt for normal retirement, early retirement and late retirement. A pension shall become payable to a member on retirement at the normal retirement age of 60 years. Members may retire early, that is before reaching the normal retirement age of 60, at the age of 55 years.

Resignation Benefits

Resignation Benefits

These benefits apply to members who resign or are discharged from their employers. Members are paid a lump sum of the accumulated contributions and the balance from the member contributions will be preserved until the member reaches retirement age.

Funeral Benefits

Funeral Benefits

If a member dies in service, In order to cushion the beneficiaries in, Death benefits are payable to the beneficiaries of the deceased member. Currently the lump sum death Benefits Equals to three times annual salary.

Unclaimed Benefits

Unclaimed Benefits

Unclaimed benefits are benefits where claims have been received but without the full information/documents required for the claim to be processed.

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